Kitchen Info

The POSFI Kitchen is equipped with everything you need to make your product in an approved licensed facility.  The kitchen is located in the Bonner Mall just past the DMV.  Address is 300 Bonner Mall Way Suite 27  Ponderay, ID 83852

To use the kitchen you need the following

  • Be and active member of POSFI ($250)
  • Provide product liability insurance listing POSFI as additional insured
  • Be an approved business by Panhandle Health or USDA

Kitchen rates are:

  • $100 per month use fee.
  • $18 for each hour of kitchen use. 12 month commitment
  • $20 for each hour of kitchen use. 6 month commitment
  • $30 for each hour of kitchen use.  4 month commitment
  • $40 for each hour of kitchen use.  2 month commitment
  1. Over/Under policy. Time booked but not used. Example: you book 4 hours, uses 3.  1 hour credit for future use but not refunded.  You book 4 hours, uses 5.  Apply credit or pay for extra time.  NO REFUNDS FOR TIME BOOKED NOT USED.
  1. Cancellation Policy.  If cancelled 30 days prior full refund.  Cancelled less than 30 days partial refund.  Cancelled less than 2 weeks no refund

Scheduling will be done with an online scheduler which will be set up in the near future.  For now please contact Derek or Javan to schedule your time.  Only one member may use the kitchen at a time.  To view the calendar click HERE

Some photos of the kitchen.  A complete list of equipment with photos will be posted at a later date